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The 5-Week Online Program:
Taste Of New Me  | $99

This program is designed as an online, self-driven program with a carefully structured culinary nutrition curriculum. You can access the program, videos, handouts & recipes directly from your account.

How Does The Program Work?

Purchase the program from your smartphone or computer,  receive the link to your email for instant access to the program​ then access online.


*Program can also be accessed via a browser on your smartphone or desktop computer.

Who Is This Program  Designed For?

This program is for you  if you're interested in transitioning from your current diet to a Whole-food Plant-based lifestyle.

Though we recommend it for youif you suffer with pre-diabetes & diabetes - this versatile program is perfect for anyone fighting Obesity, Sleep Apnea, Fatty Liver, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Heart disease, Cancers (eg. Breast, Prostate & Colon in particular), Autoimmune Diseases (eg. MS, Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriasis) & many more chronic diseases.

Additionally, this program can benefit those suffering from Sleep & Mood Problems such as Stress, Anxiety, & Depression. 

*If you’re not ready for our immersion program due to lack of time & other commitments but still want to try plant-based nutrition, this program is for YOU!


How Is The Program Structured?

Designed as a 5-week program with instant access to the foundational items after your purchase, followed by the first week's contents to learn & put the coursework to practice.


The modules will become available following the initial program introduction. Each module is designed & structured with easy-to-use material, including handouts, e-books, recipes, educational & motivational videos, and more.

Setting The Table: And Your Expectations

Week 1: Fabulous Fruit

Fruit Challenge Questionnaire

Week 2: Vibin' With Your Veggies

Veggie Challenge Questionnaire

Week 3: Bring On The Beans

Bean Challenge Questionnaire

Week 4: Whole Grain Guru

Whole Grain Challenge Questionnaire

Week 5: Immersion

Course Wrap Up and Next Steps

In your last week, you will be presented with a final challenge. You’ll have 3 options to pick from best to fit your interest, needs, & comfort level. The course is available immediately after purchase & you’ll have access for 6 months from the purchase date.

*This online-only program has no direct interaction with our team for counseling, guidance, or coaching. Blood work/labs, RPM, &  CGM tools are not included.

DISCLAIMER: This program neither includes your routine primary care services nor acute, urgent or emergent care. You must consult your primary care physician and/or specialist before joining as well as during our program to ensure they are aware of all the changes you are going through and for timely medical advice and interventions you may need. Not every patient can change their health behaviors to the same degree, hence do not get the same results. ​

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