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  • What Conditions Does New Me Health Treat?
    Our 6-month immersion program is designed exclusively for patients with Diabetes (Types 1 & 2), and Pre-diabetes. Our 5-week online-only program is a dietary intervention program suitable for a wide range of diet and lifestyle-related diseases. This versatile program effectively treats conditions beyond diabetes and pre-diabetes, such as Obesity, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Heart Disease, Circulation Problems, Fatty Liver, common digestive diseases, autoimmune diseases, etc.
  • What results can I expect?
    Patients in our immersion program… Lost 0.5 to 2 pounds weight per week on average Decreased HbA1C in 10-12 weeks Decreased their Insulin Resistance (HOMA-IR score) by 50% within 10 weeks Decreased 10-30 points on their blood pressures within 2 weeks Decreased on their BP meds by 50% within 2-3 weeks Decreased on their Diabetes pills by 50% within 4 weeks Decreased on their Total Daily Insulin dose by 30-40% within 3-4 weeks Improved their TIR (Time in Range, on their Continuous Glucose Monitoring Program) from 50% to 90% within 4-5 weeks (* for the first time in years)
  • How Are The 5-Week And 6-Month Programs Different?
    Patients in our immersion program… Lost 0.5 to 2 pounds weight per week on average Decreased HbA1C in 10-12 weeks Decreased their Insulin Resistance (HOMA-IR score) by 50% within 10 weeks Decreased 10-30 points on their blood pressures within 2 weeks Decreased on their BP meds by 50% within 2-3 weeks Decreased on their Diabetes pills by 50% within 4 weeks Decreased on their Total Daily Insulin dose by 30-40% within 3-4 weeks Improved their TIR (Time in Range, on their Continuous Glucose Monitoring Program) from 50% to 90% within 4-5 weeks (* for the first time in years)
  • What is Included in the Program?
    Routine medical care is not included; you will have to continue your care with your primary care physician and other specialists as usual. Acute or emergent medical care is not included. Meals and Fitness equipment are not included.
  • Are appointments in person or virtual?
    Our initial consultations and new-patient visits will be in-person, and we encourage patients to attend the follow-up visits and weekend workshops in person as much as possible. However, we will also provide patients with virtual options.
  • Do you accept insurance?
    Your insurance may cover your prescriptions, including the CGMs (Freestyle Libre or Dexcom) and labs (blood work) but not the actual cost of the program. Our 5-week program is a one-time purchase. The 6-month program is subscription-based with a monthly membership fee (i.e. self-pay ) which includes all services. This is the best opportunity to use your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings Account (HSA) cards for your membership fee.
  • What are NMH's protocols?
    The foundation of our treatment is centered around nutrition and diet, exercise, and stress management. Using intuitive whole-food plant-based nutrition, fitness coaching powered by the signature Remote Patient Monitoring system with real-time tracking tools, and state-of-the-art technology, our team of experts will help you to transform your life and regain control of your health. The program includes: One-on-one evaluations, counseling, and coaching by our team of experts (Physicians, Dietitians, and Fitness Coaches). A structured online curriculum with instructional, educational, informational, and inspirational content that keeps the patients informed, engaged, and accountable for their success. Weekly group therapy sessions and workshops, which include support, community building, educational presentations, cooking demos, group activities, patient recognition, rewards, and more.
  • How long is the program?
    Our program requires a 6-month commitment in order for patients to truly build healthy lifestyle behaviors that will lead to lasting results. Based on the severity of the patient's condition, we may recommend a longer commitment of 12 months. Our program is designed to be tailored to each patient’s unique needs.
  • Can NMH be my Primary Care?
    This is not a Primary Care Practice, nor do we manage routine sick visits or annual health screenings and vaccinations. Our program is NOT a substitute for the care provided by your Primary Care Physician or Specialist. We strongly recommend you consult your Primary Care Physician or Specialist before joining our program.
  • What makes NMH different from others?
    Unlike traditional diabetes management, our program is designed to uncover and treat the root cause of disease by applying evidence-based, whole-person, prescriptive lifestyle changes to manage and treat illness. Our program is carefully designed to fill the gap in the current transitional care model by providing a structured team-based multidisciplinary setting powered by many objective tools and technologies for better patient education, engagement, and empowerment that are vital for their health behavior change and lasting success. Our state-of-the-art RPM and CGM technologies provide real-time objective feedback to our patients and help change their lifestyles with ease.
  • What Do I Need To Do In Order To Be Successful In This Program?
    Transforming your life and regaining control of your health is not easy. If it were, you likely wouldn’t need our support. Our intensive program requires patients to be consistent, which is why we require a 6-month commitment. Making big lifestyle changes takes time, and forming new and lasting habits doesn’t happen overnight. The program teaches practices that are meant to be implemented for life. While our team of experts is here to teach and support you, ultimately, this program starts and ends with you.
  • How long is the Free consultation visit:
    Your Discovery Visit (Free No-obligation Consultation with Dr. K will be a 30-min consultation
  • What happens in my Free consultation visit?
    Your Discovery Visit (Free No-obligation Consultation with Dr. K will be a 30-min consultation.
  • How long is your Program?
    Our 'Defeat your Diabetes" program is a 6-month Lifestyle Immersion Program.
  • What kind of medical programs you manage on your program?
    Even though our "Defeat your Diabetes" program is designed for patients with pre-diabetes and diabetes our interventions can benefit a wide range of medical problems such as obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, neuropathy, heart diseases, PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), autoimmune diseases [psoriasis, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, IBD (irritable bowel disease)/ Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis), Sjogren's syndrome, etc.] - Dr. K can design a custom-tailored program for your specific condition if you're interested and committed to improving it.
  • What kind of interventions does your program include?
    There are 6-pillars of lifestyle medicine: Plant-predominant Nutrition, Regular Physical Exercise, Restorative Sleep, Stress Management, Positive Social Relations, and Avoiding risky behaviors/substances. - Our program primarily focuses on the first 2 interventions i.e., Plant-predominant eating pattern and Regular Exercise that includes Cardio and Strength/Resistance Training then cover the area depending on the patients’ need, interest, and commitment
  • Do you take patients with Type-1 Diabetes?
    Yes, absolutely! Our Type-1 diabetic patient(s) enjoyed the same benefits and surprised their endocrinologist with amazing results.
  • Do you offer Virtual Visits (Telemedicine)?
    - Yes, we offer the virtual option for our bi-weekly follow-up visits as well our weekly Group Workshops - But all patients are expected to start with in-person visits at least for the first month and only offered virtual visits if following the program as prescribed
  • Do you give any weight loss medications or Ozempic or Mounjaro?
    - No. - Even though we do NOT actively prescribe them, patients join our program with those medications started by their doctors, and we can help them get the best out of them and teach them to improve their lifestyle to have them keep the benefits for life even after they stop those medications.
  • Do I need to give up all Meat, Poultry, Eggs, and Dairy products if I join your program?
    - To get the best results and lifelong benefits, our ultimate Nutrition Prescription includes a "Whole-food Plant-based" Lifestyle. Meaning STOPPING all animal-based foods (Meat, Poultry, Eggs, and Dairy products i.e., milk, cheese, butter, etc.) and Processed food (including plant-based) - BUT we understand the struggle and practical challenges the majority are concerned about. That's why we offer a strategically designed 6-month program (NOT a 6-week) to make that switch (transition) seamless, enjoyable, and sustainable for lasting benefits.
  • I had gastric bypass (other bariatric) surgery, do I qualify to join your program?
    - Yes, absolutely. - Many patients, unfortunately, either gain their wt. back and/or get their diabetes and other medical conditions return after those major surgeries - We have patients join our program with exact above reasons and enjoying the benefits like rest of our patients
  • I already had a lot of complications from diabetes such as foot infections, amputations, neuropathy, kidney problems, heart attack, health failure, strokes, etc. Do I still qualify?
    - Yes, by all means, you need our program more than others to prevent further complications and start enjoying a better quality of life.
  • I failed many other programs to improve my diabetes, is it worth joining your program?
    - Even if you tried various medications, strategies, and other programs but couldn't get your sugars under control- we want to make our program your LAST STOP to Defeat your Diabetes! - Dr. K will be take a deep-dive into your situation on your Discovery Visits to explore it with you!
  • How about KETO? Do you recommend the Keto diet?
    No. Even Keto diet has a lot of short-term benefits, as a lifestyle medicine center we do neither advocate nor prescribe keto diet (animal-based and plant-based keto diets) for many reasons including: it’s not a sustainable path in the long-run and also concerning for many long-term consequences such as increased heart disease, cancers, all-cause-mortality, etc.
  • Does your program guarantee all the results you promise?
    Yes, if you follow all our recommendations consistently as prescribed in a timely manner with full commitment and accountability - But we’re also mindful of the real-life challenges and limitations. We don’t expect every single patient to have the same physiology, body or disease conditions, beliefs, and behavioral patterns. Results and benefit vary from patient to patient depending on their level of engagement, commitment, accountability, and how effectively they are improving their lifestyle.
  • Will your program replace my Primary Care Physician (PCP) and/or Endocrinologist?
    No, this is ‘supplemental program’ to manage your diabetes but not a ‘substitute’ to the routine care by your PCP or diabetes specialist. - In fact, you MUST continue your care with them before, during, and after you participate in our program - Goal of our program is to help you improve your Insulin Resistance so you can improve our glucose levels, rely less on medications if not stop them completely, prevent complications, and have better quality of life!
  • What is lifestyle medicine?
    Lifestyle medicine is a medical speciality that uses therapeutic lifestyle interventions as a primary modality to treat chronic conditions including, but not limited to, cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, and obesity. Lifestyle medicine-certified clinicians are trained to apply evidence-based, whole-person, prescriptive lifestyle change to treat and, when used intensively, often reverse such conditions.
  • Don’t health professionals already know about Lifestyle Medicine?
    Most medical students & physicians do not receive adequate training in even the basics of Lifestyle Medicine nutrition & physical activity yet we know that 85 per cent of chronic disease today is caused by unhealthy lifestyle choices in these & other areas which is why we specialise in it.
  • Why is this important and why now?
    Chronic disease is the leading cause of death and disability in the U.S. Rates of chronic disease have never been higher, with the cost of chronic conditions eating up 86% of all healthcare dollars spent. Chronic disease is so common that more than half of U.S. adults have at least one condition, accounting for 90% of healthcare spending.
  • Do you believe that people benefit from only vegan or vegetarian lifestyles?
    ACLM believes in the adoption of a predominantly whole food, plant-based dietary lifestyle. That stance recognizes that a range of dietary practices have evidence showing healthy benefits. The common thread appears to be the intake of a large proportion of whole plant foods.
  • What can lifestyle change do for me?
    Lifestyle changes can help you feel stronger, younger, & more energetic & in the process, you lose weight naturally and keep it off! Many people are able to decrease their dependence on medications!
  • What are chronic diseases?
    Chronic diseases are caused by chronic inflammation in your body. It is the foundation that drives disease formation such as diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, strokes, many types of cancer, arthritis, auto-immune diseases, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, obesity & more.
  • Where is the clinic?
    4372 N Loop 1604 W Ste #211, San Antonio, TX 78249
  • What is your contact email?
  • Is it possible to Revere Diabetes?
    - Yes! Insulin Resistance is the underlying cause of Type-2 Diabetes and by reversing Insulin Resistance we can absolutely put your Type-2 Diabetes in remission - Type-1 Diabetes is a permanent/irreversible condition that requires a life-long Insulin administration, majority of the Type-1 patients develop Insulin Resistance over time. We did and can help Type-1 patients improve their diet, exercise, and other lifestyle factors and significantly reduce the need for the total daily insulin need, make their glucose levels predictable and prevent many complications.
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