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Our Story

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The New Me Health Story...

After 15 years of working within traditional medical practices, Dr. Katipally witnessed first-hand how patients struggled to prevent & manage their diabetes & other chronic conditions.

This led him to discover the power of nutrition and other lifestyle interventions in not only preventing & managing diseases but also reversing them in of patients across the USA. Dr. Katipally was inspired to challenge the status quo & undertake this difficult but important mission to transform lives, not just treat diseases.

His New Me Health program is designed to defeat diabetes through whole-food, plant-based nutrition, regular physical exercise, quality restorative sleep & other positive lifestyle changes.

As a skilled physician and a strong patient advocate, Dr. Katipally & his team empower patients to take ownership of their health &, ultimately, their lives.  At New Me Health, we go beyond that traditional medical practice & put our patients on a journey from illness to wellness.

Our multi-disciplinary approach powered by state-of-the-art Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) tools & a 3-D body composition scanner makes that journey effective & enjoyable by providing real-time feedback directly to our patients through their smartphone apps. 

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