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Lifestyle Medicine

What Is Lifestyle Medicine?

Lifestyle medicine is a science-based approach that uses therapeutic lifestyle interventions as the primary modality to prevent, manage, & potentially reverse chronic diseases.

Through evidence-based, whole-person, prescriptive lifestyle changes help patients to achieve their optimal health. 


Applying the 6 pillars of lifestyle medicine and being mindful of your food choices, managing your stress, being physically active, avoiding risky substance use, getting plenty of sleep and having a strong emotional support system in your life — are “just what the doctor ordered” to powerfully prevent, treat, and, often, even reverse chronic disease and select autoimmune conditions.

“Lifestyle Medicine Is Preventing, Managing & Potentially Reversing Chronic Medical Problems Through Positive Lifestyle Changes.” -Dr. B. Katipally

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Evidence supports the use of a whole food, plant-predominant diet to prevent, treat & reverse chronic illness.

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Physical Activity 

Regular, consistent physical activity is an important part of overall health & resilience.

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Restorative Sleep

Improving sleep quality can improve attention span, mood, & insulin resistance & can reduce hunger, sluggishness & more.

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Stress Management

Managing stress can lessen anxiety, depression & immune dysfunction & leads to improved well-being.

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Social Connection

Positive social connections have beneficial affects on physical, mental & emotional health.

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Avoid Risky Substances

The use of tobacco & excessive alcohol consumption has been shown to increase the risk of chronic diseases & death. 

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