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OGKTMA 36th Annual Convention 2023

Dr. Bhoja Katipally was an Invited Speaker for "Food is Medicine: A Lifestyle Medicine Approach for a Disease Reversal".

It was well received and applauded by 200-300 seasoned physicians and surgeons practicing medicine since 1970s, etc. 

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Nourish Doc: Early Menopause & Diabetes

NourishDoc aims to advance the dignity and quality of life through leadership, advocacy, and science-based integrative medicine from experts all over the world. They bring free educational videos and live sessions to improve community health with integrative therapies.

IASA Health Faire, 2023

Dr. Bhoja Katipally was a volunteer physician at the IASA in 2023

'The India Association of San Antonio is a non-profit umbrella organization established in 1978 to help unite various Indian cultural associations and groups, project a common identity based on their Indian heritage, and celebrate Unity in Diversity. It provides a platform for all Indian cultural associations, groups, and individuals to exhibit and showcase their arts and culture and to foster a better understanding between India and San Antonio. The India Association of San Antonio is proud to act as a bridge between both Indian and San Antonio cultures.'

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