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Calm Sea

Life by Seacret

Seacret is trusted for their commitment to healthy, high-quality, clean ingredients and the highest standards of product manufacturing and service.

The opportunity to share products that help people achieve healthy looking skin was just the beginning. Great skin is a window into our well-being. The Ben Shabat family are dedicated to providing an inside-out nutrition solution that supports you in being healthy and looking and feeling your best.

In 2017, Seacret’s search for the ultimate health and nutrition products was achieved and surpassed with the introduction of Dr. Howard Cohn. Dr. Cohn has dedicated his life to his patient’s health. His philosophy and protocols are recognized for providing optimum, plant-based, organic nutrition and include a unique molecular hydrogen product that produces results as impressive as Seacret’s skin care products. 

Whole Harvest

Eating 100% whole food plant-based needs to be easier.

Whether we’re trying to reduce our environmental footprint or live the longest, heathiest life possible, all of us trying to eat 100% whole food plant-based meals need it to be easier.

We know how easy it is to lose the joy when trying to eat whole food plant-based meals on your own. That’s why we partnered with Whole Harvest. They do the shopping, chopping, and cooking for you, and deliver ready-to-eat meals to your front door. 

Each week features new, international flavor adventures and reimagined comfort foods to keep you inspired, and with our Whole Harvest Promise, everything is:

100% WFPB 100% Clean 100% Fresh


Bringing the world back into balance. One person at a time.

“Everything we do is about you. And we'll put your body to the test to prove it. Backed by science, powered by nature and guided by our strong Scandinavian heritage. We’re here to rebalance your life. This is a mission we put into practice every day, determined to take the guesswork out of a healthier way of living.”

- Hilde and Ørjan Sæle, Zinzino founders

Rebalance your essential Omega-6:3 ratio with our scientifically proven Omega supplements based on a unique formula.


Mirobiome Labs

What if there were a way to unlock the full potential of the human microbiome - a way to unite the power of biology with the rigor of science to address our most pressing health conditions?

That’s the journey theye’ve been pioneering for the past seven years; educating forward-thinking medical practitioners and connecting the dots of the microbiome to bring vibrant health to more and more people.

In Partnership with Globally Leading Fitness Centers

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