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Our Happy Patients Use These Supporting Technologies

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Remote Patient Monitoring

HealthSnap’s remote patient monitoring (RPM) capabilities enable our team to be more proactive in the care they provide. We ditched subjective data & hand-written logs for real-time monitoring, including weight, blood pressure, resting heart rate, heart rate reserve, physical activity oxygen saturations, VO2 max & more.

The AI-driven software turns data into health metrics accessible to both us & you via a smartphone application as well as an online dashboard.

This powerful tool serves as a transformational self-learning guide that teaches you how your daily choices, behaviors & routines influence your health metrics & enables you to adjust your lifestyle. Our team will monitor the data & patterns to coach & guide you to stay motivated, engaged & accountable in achieving your SMART goals.

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Continuous Glucose Monitoring

When it comes to managing diabetes, we use state-of-the-art Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) technologies such as Freestyle Libre or Dexcom on you, depending on your preference, choice, affordability, & insurance coverage.

Just like our RPM, our CGM program educates, enlightens, & empowers your informing behaviors related to diet, nutrition, eating habits, &patterns. Utilizing real-time feedback, this system helps to inform how to adjust & adopt healthy choices. This intuitive data and analytics help you to take your diabetes management to a whole new level.


Our team constantly monitors the glucose trends & patterns to coach & guide you accordingly, transforming your disease beyond outdated glucose control & simple symptom management.

Styku: 3D Body Composition Scanner

Styku’s state-of-the-art 3D Body Composition Scanner takes multiple infrared scans within seconds to form a virtual 3D model of the body. It uses AI-driven proprietary software & a complex DEXA equation to calculate an accurate prediction of body fat percentage & much more. You  will discover your true body composition & shape in 3D images.


As you join our program, we use the scanner to determine your baseline, set your weight & health goals, & embark on your journey from illness to wellness under the coaching & guidance of our team.

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Practice Better

Practice Better is a teaching & communication app.


Practice Better is a leading all-in-one practice management software solution transforming how Health & Wellness professionals run their practices.

Clients love how easy it is to access recommendations, log journal entries, and complete tasks in just a few clicks.

EatLove Nutrition Intelligence Platform

Healthy Eating Habits Made Incredibly Simple.

EatLove provides personalized nutrition plans, meal recommendations, and coaching to help you build lasting, healthy habits. Easy recipes, smart restaurant choices, grocery lists with optional grocery and meal delivery.

Easy food logging to unlock personalized insights and track progress.

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