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STYKU 3D Body Composition Scan & A1c Screening Test For Pre-Diabetes & Diabetes

This package offers a no-radiation, touch-free 3-D Body Composition scann & HbA1c screening test for Pre-diabetes & Diabetes.  

What does a Styku  & HbA1c test do?

Styku’s state-of-the-art 3D Body Composition Scanner takes multiple infrared scans within seconds to form a virtual 3D model of the body. It uses AI-driven proprietary software & a complex DEXA equation to calculate an accurate prediction of body fat, lean mass, body mass & much more.


You will discover your true body composition & shape in 3D images. 

A1C screening - HbA1c Test (A1c for short) is the routine test done for both screening for Pre-diabetes or Diabetes & also checking how controlled your diabetes is. 

Healthy Morning


BMI (Body Mass Index) takes only height & weight into consideration, so 2 individuals with the same height & weight will have the exact same BMI but they may have totally different body compositions. STYKU can accurately differentiate who has more lean mass vs. fat. 

If you’re on a weight loss program & want to know how your body composition is changing over time, this is the best test to track your progress over time.

OR if you’re trying to lose weight, working hard but don’t see much change in your weight... You may not be losing much weight but still may be shifting your body composition from fat to lean mass.


Stop staring at your scale & get a STYKU Scan. This will show exactly how your body is transforming!

DISCLAIMER: This program neither includes your routine primary care services nor acute, urgent or emergent care. You must consult your primary care physician and/or specialist before joining as well as during our program to ensure they are aware of all the changes you are going through and for timely medical advice and interventions you may need. Not every patient can change their health behaviors to the same degree, hence do not get the same results. 

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