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Orange and Coconut

Defeat Your Diabetes
with Our 6-Month Immersion Program

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This ‘all-in’ immersion program includes individualized counseling & coaching, personalized nutrition & fitness plans aswell as objective monitoring & accountability tools to help you improve your sugars & HbA1c. 

Defeat your  diabetes & meet your New Me!

Based in a group setting, this intensive program is designed with 2 major interventions:

1) Intuitive whole-food, plant-based nutrition coaching augmented by Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM).

2) Physical exercise & fitness coaching powered by our Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) technology, HealthSnap.

Our CGM technology takes the guesswork out of the equation & empowers you on your journey with objective real-time feedback. The technology directly informs how diet, physical exercise & other lifestyle changes influence sugars helping you master decision-making & defeat diabetes. 

Our RPM system provides real-time tracking tools & data, including daily weight, blood pressure & fitness data, helping you to modify your current behaviors & adopt new healthy routines for lasting results.  

Is This for Me &
How Do I Join?

This is for you if you are Diabetic or Pre-Diabetic patients, if you are on diabetic medications with uncontrolled sugars & HbA1c or if you're looking for an alternate approach to defeat your diabetes!

If you think this program is for you, head over to the contact page to Book Your Discovery Visit.

Then if you feel this program is right for you, enroll & start your journey from illness to wellness!

Organic Vegetables

Program Highlights

  • 6-month Immersion program

  • Transition to a whole-food plant-based diet

  • Personalized Nutrition & Lifestyle Interventions 

  • Guided Physical Fitness Program 

  • Access to a Fitness Coach & Gym

  • Online curriculum via the Practice Better app

  • Bi-weekly clinic visits with a Board-certified Family & Lifestyle Medicine Physician

  • Bi-weekly clinic visits with a a Registered Plant-based Dietitian 

  • Continuous Glucose Monitoring & Remote Monitoring Program to track both glucose & other biometrics via CGM app & HealthSnap app

  • Weekly workshops & group learning

  • Culinary Program for Cooking Demonstrations  

  • Blood Work 3D Body Composition Scans (STYKU)

  • Online Support group 

  • This program is worth more than $1,000/month but is now offered for ONLY $700/month

DISCLAIMER: This program neither includes your routine primary care services nor acute, urgent or emergent care. You must consult your primary care physician and/or specialist before joining as well as during our program to ensure they are aware of all the changes you are going through and for timely medical advice and interventions you may need. Not every patient can change their health behaviors to the same degree, hence do not get the same results. ​

You will lose between 0.5-2lbs per week in our Immersion Program
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