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New Me Health

"New Year, New Me"
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You're not just a number on your glucose reading, your best is yet to come... 
Defeat Your Diabetes and
Discover your New Me!

New Me Health is San Antonio's first-of-a-kind comprehensive Lifestyle Medicine Center designed for patients with pre-diabetes and diabetes who are looking for a program dedicated to helping them address the root cause of their condition through evidence-based nutrition, physical exercise & other lifestyle changes.

By implementing these lifestyle changes, we help patients reverse their insulin resistance and improve their blood sugars & HbA1c, minimize their need for medications and prevent future health complications.

You're ready to take the next step toward defeating your diabetes, but not sure where to start?

You’re not alone…

New Me Health was founded by an award winning physician after watching tens of thousands of patients struggle with the same for years. It was launched to fill that void for the first time in our San Antonio community and provider the system that helps our patients understand the root cause for their disease, custom tailor a program that fits their choices and lifestyle, hold their hand to cross the bridge to to their optimal health and vitality. 


Our core mission is to 

“Transform lives, not just treat diseases”

Work with us to transform your life through our intensive therapeutic lifestyle change (iTLC),  a 6-month lifestyle immersion program. This proven model is powered by state-of-the-art monitoring and accountability tools and technologies under the close supervision and guidance by a team of experts and coaches to reclaim your optimal health. 

In Partnership With Global Fitness Leaders

"You may make your choices, but your choices will eventually make you"

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Intensive Diabetic Care For Patients with Type 2 Diabetes
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According to the CDC, 1 in 3 Americans are pre-diabetic ​and more than 1 in 10 Americans are diabetic putting their health and livelihood on the line. Scary fast is, majority of them are not even aware of their condition - are you one of them!


Those numbers are even worse in San Antonio. Many believe that pills or procedures or injections alone can fix the problems and lifestyle changes either don’t work or can’t be put into practice - where do you stand?


New Me Health is here on your side to challenge that status quo and help you regain control over your disease and health in general through our proven six-month program packed with state of the art monitoring, accountability, and goal setting tools and strategies.


Our compassionate, certified, and dedicated team utilizes tools and technology that make your journey well educated, engaged, and empowered - most importantly enjoyable and sustainable! 

  • Are you just tired of chasing sugars?

  • Are you frustrated that you can't get ahead of your glucose levels?

  • Are you exhausted from the emotional rollercoaster of your glucose spikes and drops?

Then it’s time to change your path!  

No matter where you are on your journey, reversing insulin resistance is possible through a proven goal setting process and technology that keeps you on-track and reinforces the positive lifestyle changes in an empowering and nurturing environment surrounded by a support group and health coaches.  

Our program provides you with the tools, resources, and support to increase your commitment and accountability to shatter your health goals and defeat your diabetes, putting you in control of your life.

“This program has been wonderful and is very unique. Everyone is caring, friendly and knowledgeable. I can't say enough great things about it. I've lost 10 lbs in 2 months, and this program has helped keep me on track. I love the cooking demos, they make me want to try new recipes! I enjoy having an MD who truly understands my health issues and has proven answers for them.”

April 2023

Trusted by Global Health Leaders
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